God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Wait And Watch

My thanx for the well-wishings. The short version is that we were able to get in to see one of the dcos that works with her normal doctor, and they decided that this was just a particularly nasty migraine. This is good, because we were a little concerned that it might be a side effect of the seizure meds or something. They gave her a shot of Demerol, and that seems to have worked, so she's sleeping at the moment.

Now, she's had this headache for a couple days straight, no lessening,and I was starting to get worried, to say the least. None of the basic pain meds we had around did any good, and add to this the weird creepy-crawly bug feeling she had around the left temple...well, it was a little scary. She finally decided to make an appointment to see her doc, but the earliest she could get in to see him was Tuesday. She went ahead and made the appointment, but called them back and managed to make an appointment for this afternoon with one of her doc's colleagues.

She came home early, around 1 o'clock, and we hung around fro an hour before heading out. The sunlight (any bright lights, really) were just making it worse, so she spent the trip there with her head down, shades on and eyes closed. i led her around as best as I could, and finally we got in to see Dr. Akhter (yep, nice echo effect there). While we waited, i got to making jokes about "Doc Oc", and we made up an entire supervillain persona for her. This was a tad disappointing when she turned out to be a 5'4" Indian lady, but oh well.

Frankly, i didn't think much of her. I had to answer the same questions from her three times; she didn't seem to be completely on the ball. this was confirmed when she had been told many times now that bright lights made it much, much worse, but she still went and got the ophthalmoscope, shining concentrated light right into Di's eye, and THEN suddenly thinking that this was a bad idea. Eventually, she decided to shoot her full of Demerol (these docs are drug docs, to be sure; if they can give you a pill or a shot, that's their first line of thought, every time). Half an hour later, she was high, but feeling much better.

So, hopefully this will handle this. She's still thinking about going in to see her regular doc on Tuesday, just to make sure this isn't something to be concerned about with the seizure meds. Needless to say, even if no one buys the ticket (and it looks like no one is...are there NO Juggalos in this town?), I'm not going to the Dark Lotus show tonight. I'm staying here to keep an eye on Dianna.

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