God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

More Adventures In Medicine

After last night's ER trip, they set Di up with an appointment with a new opthalmologist this morning. We were given a number to call, at 10:00am, to confirm her 10:30am appointment. Fairly straightforward, right? Well, the number was to the clinic's emergency line, who had no idea what the Hell Di was talking about, and was about as useful as tits on a boarhog. Finally, we got them to admit that the doctor was in the office (which we were standing right outside of), and they got him to let us in. Fuckin' useless whores.

So, in we go. OK, gotta give this guy credit, a gentle, softspoken guy who knew what he was doing. A little condescending at times, but I got the impression that he works with a lot of kids, so i suppose that can be forgiven. All went well at first, and then he went to check for glaucoma. Now, as any of you who've had an eye exam know, this usually involves the puff of air into the eye, and is generally annoying. Well, he was doing it with a newer instrument where, after he numbed the eye, a little thing was placed against the eye to record the pressure.

As you may or may not know, Di has a serious case of eye trauma fear. I mean bad. She's managed to talk her way out of the glaucoma test at every eye exam for years...so she was starting to get creeped out enough at knowing it was coming. But let this guy touch her eye? Needless to say, when he tried, she completely flipped out. He tried to talk down to her, which just wasn't helping at that point, and he turned to me, assuring me he hadn't even touched her (I think he might have worried that the big, scruffy, biker-lookin' husband watching this might get a wee bit angry at whatever happened that made his wife go apeshit). I assured him it wasn't his fault, and asked him to give us a few minutes. Luckily, he had someone else lined up, so he went and dealt with that guy for a while. Meanwhile, I calmed Di down,and eventually got her to relax and basically steel herself to go through with it.

Well, 20 minutes later, that finally was handled, no worries. Eye looks pretty good, only a mild case of infection, which she now has more eyedrops for, and a follow-up appointment, probably Friday.

Fuckin' Hell.....

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