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Weird Beginnings Bode Well

Had strange dreams that appeared to be live-action "Unreal Tournament" style deathmatch, exceptset in an office building with people in business dress. I was kicking ASS. Damn corporate types.

Eventually got our shit together and went out to hit Denny's for breakfast. Now, when you order a Coke and get a cold glass of brown liquid with no bubbles, it's pretty obvious that it's just not gonna cut it. Called over the waitress, pointed out the flat Cokes, and she toddled off to get new ones. How nice of her to remove our two flat drinks, go back to the fountain, draw new ones, and come back to our table, with two flat Cokes. Apparently, to be part of the wait staff, you don't need to actually look at what you are serving. Finally had her take them away and bring us water, and she was on the ball enough to removed them from the bill without my asking. Cool.

Quick trip to the sto' for actual Cokes and cold meds. Ah, ambrosia, nectar...man, I needed that. However, that wasn't the highlight. I dunno how many of you are familiar with Otter Pops, but I love the damn things. I used to keep large amounts of them around, whenever possible, and over the years, it's been harder and harder to find them, and I've not seen hide nor hair of them since I've been on the West Coast. So, imagine my happiness at seeing a big display of them, as we were checking out! Needless to say, two big boxes of them are presently chillin' in my freezer...200 Otter Pops, in Six Zippy Flavours...yes, it's gonna be a good summer.

Now, just watching one of my cats (Sappho) run around the house with a bag caught around her neck like a drag chute. Damn that's funny.


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