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Nighttime Fun

As strangewink was unable to hit my place Friday, Di and I tripped down to his new place yesterday. Started as the usual comedy of errors, which is sorta the way things work with us, but it always works out in the end.

Started with me dropping him an e-mail, telling him to message me when he got home. He responds that he's at an audition for a band (which he got...ROCK ON!), and he'll be home in an hour or two; this was 3:30. Little did he know that the new band would ply him with beer and shots...around 7:30 or so, I got the message, and we grabbed dinner and headed out.

Got to his place, his roommate opened the door, informing us that Bill wasn't there! Figuring he'd gone down to the store to use the phone, he let us in to wait. Time slid inexorably into the future, and no Bill. Luckily, Jason (the roommate) was fine with us hanging around. We were not long from giving up on his ever showing up, when a clock alarm goes off...turns out Bill had come home and decided to take a short nap, which turned into a longer one, and had been there the whole time asleep! Much laughter was had by all over this little social faux pas, and onward we went.

Thus began a good three hours of hilarity, which is how things generally go with my big bro' Bill. in fact, if didn't have to get up this morning to get Erik and all, it would have been longer, but oh well. Still, had a fuckin' blast, as always, and hated leaving, but we've made plans for two weeks from now for a long horror movie film fest at Chez Chaos, so it's all good. Hmmm...should have jahnji join us for that...

Just reminds me that I do have some close, true friends. Love that guy.

And now, on almost no sleep, I'm off to do the Sunday ritual...luckily that doesn't involve much, and includes a big home-cooked meal by the Hella Cool Mother-In-Law™.

Be good today, and remember: There Is No Banana.

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