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If you were to bop on over to my website, you'd notice that it's pretty much all content...in fact, as webpages go, it's not only minimal, it's downright crappy. Look, it sucks, I know this, no need to go pooh-poohing me me about it. I've said for something like 3 years now that I need to actually design my site. Kinda sad that I do computer graphic art for both a hobby and a living, and yet, my site is text and links on a purple page, PERIOD.

Well, a couple nights ago, sitting around in between runs at Thief 3, I actually got off my ass and started working on the damn thing...and, since that moment, things have been proceeding at a breakneck pace. A few people have seen some initial peeks, but it's nowhere near finished. Still, so far, I'm quite happy with it.

It's taking forever, due to the animated graphics, and the fact that i tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, and I want every little detail to be right...but it's gonna be so cool, when I finish. Hell, I'm just impressed that I got started, finally.

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