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Talk About Your Friends

(Gleefully ripped off from corpsephucker)

Name at least 3 people (if you can) on LiveJournal who...

...you've talked to on the phone? 01flux, alicynx, annathema667, caliban, cheaps1utsavior, devilsdarling, discordian, fallenautumn, hazeleyedgal_25, imperfectangel, insteadofsilent, kespernorth, nighthawk, ouchouch, priestofcards, ravenlace, rayce, sylvaine2001, teknoerotoskizm, velvetacidgrrrl, nysidra

...you've met in person? 01flux, caliban, dirtbikev, discordian, hypnox, imperfectangel, insteadofsilent, i_feel_sick, josienutter, kespernorth, leenerella, nighthawk, etherpunk, priestofcards, rayce, sylvaine2001, teknoerotoskizm, velvetacidgrrrl, vesparider, violetvixen

...you've slept next to (not 'slept with')? insteadofsilent, rayce, sylvaine2001, velvetacidgrrrl

...you've known for more than 3 years? discordian, imperfectangel, priestofcards, sylvaine2001

...you wish you lived closer to? alicynx, annathema667, cenobitten, cheaps1utsavior, corachaos, devilsdarling, discordian, fallenautumn, imperfectangel, priestofcards, ravenlace, sylvaine2001, wolfye, nysidra

...you have (or have had) a crush on? Oh, no you don't...I'm not getting myself in trouble like that...let's say several, and most of them prolly know it. I have so many beautiful friends...

...you can always go to when you're upset? cenobitten, cheaps1utsavior, discordian, fallenautumn, imperfectangel, priestofcards, ravenlace, sylvaine2001, nysidra

...you admire? If you are my friend, i admire you for SOMETHING.

...are a lot like you? caliban, cenobitten, cheaps1utsavior, corachaos, sylvaine2001, and especially discordian, ravenlace, and nysidra

...are really creative? 01flux, annathema667, fallenautumn, hypnox, justagrrrl, leenerella, rayce, horsepucky, vesparider, wolfye, nysidra

...are excellent writers? annathema667, justagrrrl, kespernorth, horsepucky, nysidra

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