God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


I hurt.

Physically, I'm just in pain from the strain of the day. I've decided that the world is just NOT made for tall people. I don't mean there are inconveniences, I mean it's just never considered that people might actually be over 6 feet tall. Seems like everything I encounter is just a wee bit too low. See, if it were MUCH too low, then I could pull up a chair or something...but it's just a LITTLE too low, so you have to get this slight hunch-over to deal with it, and the strain on the lower back is bad. Add in my normal lower-back problems, and it all basically sucks.

Unrelated to the lower back, I somehow managed to strain a muscle in my forearm. the one in particular is the one for closing the hand,making a fist...i.e. grip strength. Just trying to squeeze shampoo out of the bottle was a painful chore, and since we're talking my right (dominant) hand, it REALLY sucks. The only amusement was when I mentioned this to Di, and said "good thing I don't jerk off with that hand, huh?" and laughed. She seemed surprised, and then fell apart laughing when I said "Yeah, gotta use the left...the right hand is on the mouse buttons; internet porn, you know."

Spiritually, I was reminded again just how much I miss gaming, and just how much I miss having friends around, like-minded friends who share the same attitudes, likes, dislikes, and viewpoints as I. Friends that I feel I'm actually very close to, friends that I see and be around, the kind of friends I could unhesitatingly state that I'd take a bullet for...and who I honestly believe might do the same for me.

There's more...but there's only so much I feel like saying. Besides, typing hurts at the moment.

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