16 June 2004 @ 12:14 pm
Just woke up from one of the stranger dreams I've had in a while...

I recall being at some little apartment that I apparently lived in. I remember washing my hair, and for some reason, after lathering it up, I went out, got in my car (my old Cadillac, I was pleased to see), and drove around the block, still working the shampoo into my hair. I pulled back up at my place, and couldn't get a good spot, which wasn't so bad, since my hair was miraculously clean and dry now (a fact that surprised even me). I got out and literally shoved my car into another spot, and went around a wall into some sort of communal kiddie playroom (the stencilled letters called it a 'dreamgirl room', I think).

Inside it was a mess, and as I left, someone said something to me; I seem to recall it was rather sharp and potentially insulting, but dunno exactly what was said. A woman came into view, walking away, and she dropped some of the toys she was carrying. I stooped to pick them up for her, and she realized I was not who she thought she was talking to, and apologized (I'm fairly certain that it was Linda Fiorentino). We talked for a moment, and I recall asking her if we'd met before. In my mind (in the dream), she looked just like a woman that I used to fool around with, apparently named Natalie. She wasn't, and she asked if I wanted to come with her, hang out, talk, etc. I mentioned that I was home all the time, and hardly saw anyone except my wife, so yes, it would be nice to have some human interaction.

I followed her into her place, which was huge and very richly appointed. The toys were dumped on her little sister's bed, who turned out to have a teddy bear just like the one I had when I was a baby. The little sister said something back, but I couldn't understand her gibberish, even though she appeared to be at least 10. Following this woman further, her living room opened up right into the mall, and she wandered off, after mentioning that she wanted me to meet her mother. I thought this was odd, since it wasn't like we were dating or something, but what the Hell.

The old woman was busy, so I figured I'd just find this woman, but to no avail. Eventually, though, she started asking who the 'young man' she was supposed to meet was, so I walked up and introduced myself. She seemed to not hear that I was ever speaking, despite looking right at me, since she kept interrupting me. Eventually, she sat down on a stool, but it was on a tilted section of floor, and she started to slide. I blocked it, and helped it get to the flat area without her falling over, and we encountered the woman again, who had changed clothes. She mentioned being hungry, the old woman agreed, and it was decided that we'd go eat.

Next thing I know, I'm in the middle of the front seat of a car, between the old woman, and a large black man driving. He seemed like a nice enough sort, but, in contrast with the manners and quiet style of the old woman, he was loud and brash, and kept talking about the 'bitches' of the world, and how scientists were not understanding them. This went on for a while, until I mentioned that at least a couple had figured out that life was 'nothing but bitches and money', and those few were the dissenting ones you always heard about when they mention that "9 out of 10 scientists agree" on something. He said that he knew that, too, and I said "Well, then you could be a scientist!"

During this, we've been driving through a heavily wooded but well-maintained area, and I recognized it as some 'Botanical Gardens'. I remember, oddly enough, thinking I should come back here with theatresphynx someday and take pictures. Anyway, later we were just walking, and the people I had come with were nowhere to be seen, but I was hanging out with Elvis and a couple other people. We walked around, and discovered that, when you hang out with Elvis, his life is just like his movies: people start to dance, sing, and act funny...it's just the influence of The King.

At one point, though, we stopped, as I walked over some stone marker that had fallen, and all these people out of nowhere started chanting something like "6 of 7, 7 of 6! 6 of 6 and 7 of 7!" and then praised some guy, I don't know who or for what. We walked on, and for a moment acted like we cared, and then started giggling at people...instantly, I watched as some small guy, who was now dressed as a D&D thief, was transported to a room with a bunch of monks, mad at him for giggling at their hero, or whatever he was. The thief fought them all to death, and was then sent back...

...and then the phone rang, and I woke up.
egonix on June 16th, 2004 12:30 pm (UTC)
I'd love to see scientists in white lab coats doing a study on wheather or not life is all about "bitches and money."
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Rollarchmage on June 16th, 2004 06:13 pm (UTC)
Why not? Enough other things get research grants that are basically stupid...I think Dr. Chaos and Dr. Egon should write up a dissertation on this...I'm sure we can get Dr. Mike's input.