God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

And Time Moves On

Well, this morning wasn't quite as bad as I expected. We finally found the place, which wasn't downtown, but past it, in the midst of nowhere. Got there early, decided to find a convenience store to grab a Coke and a bite to eat. Four million arts and crafts stores, half again as many service garages, and not one 7-11 or AM/PM in sight...well, fine. We walk in, and Di's ex is already there with Erik. He wasn't expecting me to be there, and the open scowl on his little face said volumes. So, I made a point of getting a high five from Erik, just to rub his face in it. ;)

I waited out in the front room while they went and did their thin. Frankly, I thought I should be involved, but it wasn't up to me. Funny thing was that at one point, the ex tried to bring me up as some sort of source of problem, and Di immediately said she wasn't going to have this conversation without me involved, and started to get up to go get me, which he freaked out about (pardon my momentary slide into lower speech, but the sad little pussy doesn't have the balls to say things to my face...this has been shown many times in the past). The counsellor even told him that it had nothing to do with the issue at hand, so he got totally shot down. More than once, as it turned out; when asking about background, and the divorce came up, the counsellor asked Dianna if she left the marriage for someone else. She unhesitatingly answered "No, I left because I was unhappy in a bad marriage"...right there in front of him. I'm so proud! Anyway, I spent three hours reading my book in a freezing cold office...which isn't so bad, considering the heat.

The afternoon was spent quietly, and we went out to dinner with thisismostlyme and reddeath77...fun times, good convo, excellent company. Now, just a really hot evening...BLEAH!

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