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Cool? What's That?

OK, I'm aware that, at some point in the near future, I need to cut a hole in my computer's case and install another cooling fan. This is the worst case, in terms of airflow, I've ever dealt with, and any game I play that uses the video card heavily ends up making the fan kick into high gear every so often...which causes whatever I'm doing to hiccup for a moment, and then again when it kicks down again.

Well, with as hot as it is over here, and keep in mind that I do not have A/C (pity me, because it sucks raisin), I've pretty much been leaving the side of the case off to get maximum air to the sound and vid cards. That seemed to be working fine for a while, but earlier today, just working in Photoshop, it kicked on and made WinAmp lock up, had to reboot. So now, I'm sitting here with a box fan in place of the side of the case, pointed out. If that doesn't draw heat out of there, I dunno what will...have to buy a dorm fridge and set up everything inside it, I suppose.

Gonna be a long, hot summer.

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