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Now, Time To Clean Things Up

So, I didn't write anything later, sue me. i was beat tired, so badly that I left work early to go home and collapse (which I didn't do). What I DID do is go home and veg out with a movie (Fight Club), and debate my situation with Alice. Tried watching Kafka, but fell asleep, finally.

So, new developments: after telling me that she was not going to and couldn't NOT move out, Chamblin has put in job apps in Portland/Salem, and is moving down there. just proof that you cannot trust a thing she says...and proof that she really has no friends left here. Her parents won't give her room, nobody else will except Zoe, and that's probably because she hasn't been around and has gotten no stories except Cha's end of things. So, looks like I get to keep the apartment, which is cool. I actually was sorta looking forward to starting over somewhere closer to work, and without the carpets full of fleas, but I'll take care of that.

Got her to give me the Shitbox...oh, sorry, meant the Probe. Seeing as how she wrecked my car, I was a little pissed to find out that she was gonna move out and take BOTH cars. The Probe doesn't even work, and she bought the thing because she loved the way it looked, but never bothered checking on basic things like the engine or the brakes. There's been more work on that car than you can imagine, and it still doesn't work. But it's the principle of the matter, and I could try and get it fixed or sell it for scrap if I can't (I think I can, though). So maybe I'll have a car again sometime.

She's gonna be in the house about another 3 weeks to a month, I figure. She's already put in her 2 weeks notice at work (they were gonna can her anyway based on her attendance...I TOLD her...oh well), so I'm willing to bet she'll hang on another week for her last paycheck, but no complaints if she doesn't. In the meantime, i plan on going on with my life, and that means enjoying what I can, who I can, when I can. And you know what that means...

So, she has already started in on me. She's posted old e-mails to me, that had feelings and expressions in them that I obviously do not feel anymore, and then apologized for it when I got annoyed. She's also already started in on 'can we be friends?'. You know, I'm not sure I can be friends with someone that has lied to me as much as she has...but can I say no? No. This is me, and I give everyone more chances than I should. Hell, I do that even more than I give away my heart and watch it get stomped on. But do I WANT to be friends with her, really? Not particularly. What has she given me to show a reason to be friends? We don't talk, we don't have anything in common, we have no reason to hang out or even be around each other...what friendship?

Well, enough for now, I'm slacking off of work as it is to write this...

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