God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Why I Hate Celebrities

That shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Now, this is not an invective against anyone's appreciation of any celebrity. You like who you like why you like them, makes no difference to me, knock yourself out. I'm talking about them in general.

What is it that makes someone lose their brain when they become a star? It's like all those lights and flashbulbs burn out your cranial cells. Suddenly, people who might have been fun, intelligent, normal humans become self-obsessed, boneheaded, imbeciles. Here's some examples, all taken just from today's news:
  • Remember Britney Spears' goofy 55-hour marriage? The New York Post claims that she's accepted a proposal from her boyfriend of two whole months, Kevin Federline. Seems he was with her through all her recent knee surgery. And, lemme tell ya, this guy's a real catch: he's presently awaiting the birth of his second child with "Moesha" actress Shar Jackson. And poor little rich girl Britney, she had to cancel all those shows, and is estimated to be missing out on three-quarter million to one million per show (37 shows cancelled). Not counting merchandise sales, of course.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley have decided to sell their Brentwood "compound". They got it four years ago (six-bedroom, 7,500-sq.-ft. house) for $15 million, and paid $7 million for the adjoining property, and now are moving out to a 'horse ranch',and selling the place...for $49 million. Somehow, I don't think property values doubled during their time there...or maybe them leaving doubled them?
  • Is there some reason J-Lo and Marc Anthony are still keeping the marriage a secret? First off, who cares? Secondly, we all know. But still, they seem to think that maybe we won't all notice, like when she shows up as he performed a private concert in South Beach, reportedly arriving just before 10 p.m., accompanied by both a wall of security guards and her song "Let's Get Loud," which was blaring on the speakers. Real quiet and all.
  • Lorenzo lamas is all set to throw an engagement party to announce his upcoming nuptials (5th marriage for him) to Playboy model Barbara Moore...but apparently, he's not yet divorced from his present (4th) wife, Playboy model Shauna Sand. Man, if there was ever a guy that needed to just date...
Airheads. And don't kid yourself, you see the stories and sound bites every day.

Now, you gotta stop and ask yourself: why does ANYONE care about their political leanings, statements, or causes?

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