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It's Fun To Be Right

Dianna had a second appointment at that Children's program Centre thingy, from last week. This was to go over what they had discovered from testing Erik. She just got back form the meeting with the people there and Jackass. She walks in and tells me to just hear her out and not to say anything until she's done...that sorta worries me for a second, but as it turned out...

She sits down and tells me everything they have decided from the tests...and, short version, it's that he doesn't have any learning disability, just a few problems focusing and staying on task, and a little bit of attention issues. What he needs is a little help from all of us (which will be established during the summer, with a couple more meetings up there) in helping him set goals for what he's doing, in order to better keep him on track, etc.

Funny, I've been saying that from the very beginning. As everyone else babbled on about dyslexia and ADHD and Asberger's Syndrome, my position was that he really just needed to be taught to buckle down and get shit done. And now, here's the doc, final word, vindicating me.

Booyah. Boo. Fucking. Yah.

Best part? When this all came out, Dianna pipes up, right in front of FuckKnuckle, with "Wow, funny...my husband's been saying that for two years." Man, it's fun to be right.

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