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Lemme tell ya something about someone.

annathema667, known in the really real world as TC, is one of the coolest ladies I know. I mean, beyond the fact that she's just hella cool, and has the most gorgeous hair, and is seriously easy on the eyes, she's a complete sweetheart and a good friend. She's been there for me more than a few times. She creative and ass-kickin', and a rock star like none you've ever seen. I've rocked out to the few tracks that made it to the public from her former band, Anna Thema, and even further back when she was with Triggerpimp...and I look forward to getting the CD she just released as TCR, with Agent Moulder (of Jack Off Jill fame).

Now, I said that about being a sweetheart, but, at the same time, she can be a cold-hearted bitch, when she wants to, and I mean that in the best possible way...believe me, I'd never want her to change. And I wanted to have her officially recognized for it. So, dear TC, this is for you.

There you are, darlin'...you now have a Ph.D. in Bitchiness. In fact, if you'll click that pic, you'll get a hella huge version, but it prints out at exactly 8x10, if you feel like framing it and having it on the wall. I started to make it out to 'TC Queen Jack Ass', but I wanted it to look real from a distance. ;)

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