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Score Another For The Home Team!

My powers are occasionally beyond belief...

discordian: Keep your fingers, toes, eyes, and whatever else you can manage, crossed.
archmage: If I have 2 of something, with a notable exception, I'll cross them for you.
discordian: My friend...
discordian: pat yourself on the back.
archmage: ?
discordian: The first time you have gotten a full snarf out of me.
archmage: SCORE!!!!!!!!!
discordian: Red Bull.. all over the keyboard!!
discordian: From 3K miles away.
archmage: *fell out of chair*
archmage: hee hee
discordian: And let me tell you... wasabi eat your heart out... this shit clears your nasal passages like you would NOT believe.
archmage: well, my day is definitely ending on a high note
discordian: Uhm... glad to be of service?
archmage: *still wiping tears out of my eyes*
discordian: you and me both.
discordian: mine are mostly from pain though.
archmage: LMAO
discordian: *caugh... choke choke*
archmage: You gonna live?
discordian: Oh yeah. If only to laugh about this next year.
archmage: Good, because if I don't stop laughing, I may not.
archmage: NOTHING for days will compare to that.
discordian: *LOL*
discordian: I wish I had the camera on.
archmage: Prolly good you didn't...if I got a vidcap of that, I'd use it. Maliciously.
discordian: And I would expect nothing less from you.
discordian: Nor would I hold it against you.

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