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Everyday Is Interesting

Not much substance lately, I know. That's mostly because there's not much happening.

Main thing in my mind at the moment is dravengodvamp and purpleflake. As I said recently, they just became the parents of a baby girl, and apparently she's been seizuring pretty badly, so they've been spending a lot of his time at the children's hospital. No idea what's causing it. Talked to Draven again this morning, and it looks like they may have stabilized her, by pumping up her calcium levels. They've done one spinal tap and are doing another, so hopefully we'll have some answers soon.

Ended up scrapping the original plans for a bit of work I'm doing, and going in a totally new direction, which is good, because the original design wasn't working out at all. Always nice to work for/with someone who has artistic leanings as well...makes it so much easier...

Finished "The Suffering" yesterday...damn, that kicked ass. End was a little easy, but the game was excellent overall. Sorry to see that one end. If I can get it working, I'm hoping to start "Uru: Ages Beyond Myst" today. Had some problems with it last night, but I dunno if that was the main game or the two expansions I tried adding to it.

Assuming all goes according to plan, I'll be hanging out with leshrac and his girl tonight, which should be good. Booze and Lovecraftian movies...always enjoyable.

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