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Freak Show

Well, went to the photo showing last night, which was cool, seeing everybody again. Let's see, who was there that I knew:
-vesparider and anarinda, rayce and Eric, leenerella (Goddess, it was way too cool to have a woman around who could look me in the eyes! Hope you got some sleep, darlin'!), josienutter and priest, gothfox, teknoerotoskizm (always an extreme pleasure, darlin'), kespernorth, and of course 01flux and caliban were there with me. Beyond the fact that these are all great peeps, lots of fun to just hang with, there's just something about being surrounded by such beauty. Also met deadro and djeternaldarkne, which was very cool. .*G* I wish I had gotten a picture, I was actually looking really good. Black buttton-down shirt, white silk tie with skulls on, Jolly Roger collar pins, ankh dagger necklace, black leather pants, black leather trenchcoat...damn, I clean up good when I want to. *LOL*

caliban and I decided to descend on Freak Manor again last night, and a fun time was had by all, as usual. I think I shall start making this a regular trip. It's a long drive, but it's such a cool group of people. Plus, I'm ALWAYS down for more friends. Such a...friendly...group, too. No one was being flogged this time, but at least two women were topless...can't complain about that. Besides, any group I can be hanging around, get referred to as 'You with the gorgeous hair', and later an attractive female walks by and dubs me 'beautiful', that's nice.

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