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"Now, Ranger Brad, Do I Tell YOU All Your Ranger Business?"

There's a Dilbert strip, December 18th, 2003, that would be framed on my wall, if I had an office.  For the lazy, it basically is the company's graphic artist, screaming about executives and other non-artists thinking that what he does is simple, and not "getting it". 

I think about this, nearly daily.

For instance, let's take the most recent example.  I have a running contract with a company, doing animated tile ads (sorry for the vague references...business, you know).  Simple little rectangular ads, like you sometimes see at the side of webpages.  They are easy, really; I can whip them out without thinking.  And yet, some of them are the bane of my existence. 

The most recent one I have, I was given an existing tile ad and told to modify it for a client.  My first thought was of copyright problems, but I was told that this wasn't a problem, since they made this particular graphic.  OK, fine, not my problem.  Now, taking an animated GIF and breaking it down to modify isn't as hard as you might think, but it's not a walk in the park, either.  Still, this is why I get paid the "big bucks" (he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm).  Not a lot of modification, just change the company name and phone number, and recolour part of it "with the green off their website".  Check; go to website, and the only green there is an ugly, pale grey-green...looks like old toe fungus.  This might be OK, if the rest of the graphic wasn't white-to-pale-yellow.  Bad combo...but hey, that's what they want.  While I'm there, I pull their logo off the site, to use for the company name...smart move on my part, I think.

Get it done, send it off, noting that the green looks like shit (in nicer terms, of course), and that the phone number doesn't stand out enough.  Mail comes back, agreeing, and I get to change it to the green I choose.  OK, fine, job done, another few bucks on the invoice for this month.  Did I say job done?  Well, that'll teach me to open my mouth...word comes back, that the client is going to have a new logo done, and could I then swap out the logo I used for the new one?  Well, OK...though, dammit, why not have me make the logo?  I'm, um, RIGHT FUCKIN' HERE, and know what will fit and look nice.  Nope, that doesn't seem to matter. 

Get the logo, and just cringed.  I'm serious, I sat here, staring at the screen, whimpering and giggling at the same time.  Not only was it basically the same sort of thing I'd already done, it was pixelated (at full size) and used some real thin-line fonts...and had one letter not even there!  A fuckin' glitched picture...man, am I working with a monkey or something?.  Someone never thought about the fact that this thing would have to be shrunk to 120 pixels wide...but that's what they want, so I dutifully shrink it down and put it in the graphic.  Lo and behold, whatta ya know, it looks terrible, and it's unreadable.

So I send it off...knowing full well they're going to hate it and I'll have to put it back.  Luckily, I saved the old graphic.  ;)

Leave art to the artists, dammit.  At the very least, listen to them when you hire them to do your art work.

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