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Vancouver/Portland Friends

What are ya doing Friday night?  If the answer was "not much" or any permutation of the thought, consider joining Dianna and me at the Hollywood Theatre...

Friday, July 30th at 7:30pm

When Orson, a lonely android on a deep space mining facility, meets Renee, a cargo pilot who favours androids over humans, it sparks romance. Together they discover the facility does more than just mine terrestrial ore -- scientists have secretly been conducting biological experiments mutating lab rats in an attempt to create an organism that can withstand superhuman conditions.  The engineers and miners that run the facility are not prepared for the radical epidemic that is about to beseech them.  Will anyone, human or otherwise, survive?  Find out by seeing -- RATSTAR!  Donations to offset production costs will be accepted at the door. For more info visit the website.

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