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Fate, You Are A Mean Bitch

I'm going to go to bed now.  I'm giggling to myself...because as long as I do, I'm not crying or whimpering or something really pathetic.  Sometimes, Fate has a little laugh at your expense...other times, she slips the whoopee cushion in your chair.  And, every now and then, she's really in the mood for some humour, and she hauls off and hits you upside the head with the cream pie.

Fate, you cocksucking whore-and-a-half...this is like a boxing glove on a spring.  You're laughing your fucking ass off, and I'm on the floor, knocked out, birds circling my head and all.

Choke on the afterbirth of a maggot-ridden goat, you bitch. I'll beat you anyway, I'll find the silver lining and I'll shove it down your throat.

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