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New Week...Start Again

Well, well...look here. it's December already. Criminy, where did the year go? Wild...well, few things to mention:

First, Many Happy Returns to my favorite mini-anime type friend josienutter! May your hair always shine brightly, and your smile shine brighter still.

Picked up Rob Zombie's new album, finally. Rob still kicks ass. 'Nuff said.

Have gotten hooked on a game again, "Thief II: The Metal Age". It's been a long time since I was this hooked. I play lots, but when one just grabs me by the boo-boo, well, it's rare.

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that it's December. I normally do NOT look forward to December. Between being a Scrooge about the holidays and my own birthday, I could care less. Add to that the anniversary of Allison's death, and it has usually sucked (although, and I almost hate to say it, but that has lessened as the years go by...which is prolly a good thing). But I am actually in good spirits for a change.

This may have to do with a lot of factors. I should have a working car here soon (I hope). I've made more friends this year, and that's ALWAYS good. And a visit from nysidra to round out the month is making a HUGE difference (can't wait for you to be here, darlin'!).

So who knows...anything's possible...

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