God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Out And About

I know, I have been sorta quiet the last few days, but that's due to having not a helluva lot to talk about.  Spent Thursday and Friday helping reddeath77 and thisismostlyme get some furniture built...their new place is looking like an abode, finally, and not a storage box repository.  Man, moving can be a pain, but good to see them getting settled in.

After all that, though, Saturday, my knee decided it hated me, so I should have stayed off of it...yes, I said "should have".  As in "but I didn't".  Did, however, wander around downtown for a while, through the park and eyeballing a couple pawnshops (I'm still looking for a vinyl player, but I wasn't paying $160 bucks for it!).  Snagged some flicks, though, so that made for a relaxing evening.  I figured the knee would be better by today.

Haha, yeah, famous last words.

It's better, but still unhappy.  Went out to the in-laws' place anyway, and had a killer meal, as well as discussed plans for building a root cellar with Dad-in-law.  Finally returned, and headed back to the park to do some pictures.  Besides, I have the next two days to basically sit here and do no walking, so what the Hell, right?

Besides, Di snapped a pic which let me make this:

He hasn't seen it yet, since he's in bed...I have a feeling he's gonna freak.

And that's worth all the knee pain in the world.

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