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The weekend should be eventful. Friday evening, looks like we are hooking up with aardammit and his lady to take a tour of the "Shanghai Tunnels" of Portland Underground. Ol' P-land had a very nasty rep, 150 years ago, for being one of the worst places, where you were likely to get kidnapped and sold into slavery. This tour is of some of those underground areas, etc....looks like an absolute scream.

Saturday, of course, in a long overdue 'bad movie' gathering. Dunno if anyone is actually making it, but I know jahnji will be here, and that's always a good time. Sometime during that day, phoenxbutterfly should be stopping by, which will be cool since I haven't seen her in ages.

Speaking of her, she was in a dream I had last night...It started with driving around, trying to find my way to some sort of camp or retreat, but instead of being in the middle of nowhere, it was in a warehouse kind of area, near the railroad tracks. The actual retreat or event, it happened, but that part was cut out; next I remember, it was just about over, and we were gathered near those tracks to see off the first group of people. There were three old rail engines that had been converted into some kind of car or whatever, though they were still on the tracks. A person got in each, and fired them up. They were facing the wrong way on the tracks, but they took of anyway, each with a car following it. They were only gone a minute or less, when an ambulance from within another warehouse took off after them, siren wailing. Somehow, I knew that phoenxbutterfly was in one of the cars, and that it had wrecked. I took off running, down the street and through the small town, which had a lot of stairways. I arrived at the car, which was stopped but OK, and yelled out. Some girl who'd been driving was wandering around, and could find me, since I was up on another set of stairs. phoenxbutterfly saw me, though, and she was pretty much OK. The med tech came out and made some comment about making sure no one was around, and made me leave. I started running back, and then I was in the passenger seat of a car driven by some other big guy, and we were trying to get back to the retreat area. Somehow, the ambulance beat us there. Never did find out what the problem was.

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