God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Another Case Of A Bad Apple Spoiling The Bunch

So, some guy in Washington (the state) got a vanity tag, couple years back, that says "GOTMILF". OK, fine, we all know what that means. Two years later, the cancelled and revoked the plate, because of a whopping 2 complaints. Two. As in more than one and less than three.

The reasons they finally gave for all this was that he had given false/misleading information on his application, where he claimed it stood for "Manual Inline Lift Fluctuator," some kind of automotive part. Later, when confronted about it, his claim was that was a present to his wife, standing for "got married into Lisa's family". OK, these were lame (along with the other possibilities he listed on his response), and thus, the Department of Licensing didn't buy that or his assertion that the plate was within his First Amendment rights.

But, come on...2 fucking complaints in two years? Does this sound like a problem? This is the shit I talk about constantly...that we've become such a whiny, pussified, litigious society, that people in power we'd rather act on the tiniest complaint than learn to deal. And what does that teach us? it teaches us that whining gets your way...and soon, you whine about everything. This is NOT the way to run a species, kids.

Guess what? Freedom means sometimes you have to put up with things you aren't fond of. Freedom doesn't mean complete freedom for YOU. I think a lot of people forget that little factoid. Freedom here means we all gotta live, work, and deal together. I'm not so much supporting this guy's right to have his (mildly) offensive license plate, as I am denouncing the system's reaction to what is, in all fairness, one step from the tiniest fraction of the population you could get. In two years, PLENTY of other people have seen this plate...I think two complaints is nothing.

If this were me? OK, fine, I'd turn in the tag...and then paint "GotMILF?" right on the back of the trunk lid, or on the bumper.

Damn The Man.

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