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Rise And Fall

I've been thinking lately, and I think I'm dropping the ljtarot project. I haven't done a card in a while, and I just didn't get the response I hoped for. Oh, sure, I got lots of people offering to be on a card, but so few of them actually bothered to turn in a picture to me, even after I asked for it. More than once I had comments/posts along the lines of "I'm doing some pictures this weekend, so I'll send you one of them"...only to have no contact afterwards. More than once, I got "I have a pic, where should I send it?", only to get nothing.

So, fuck it. I have enough bullshit without this stone in my shoe. Maybe I'll do a couple more, on my own time, for people that either get me a pic, or that I can get the pic myself, but who knows. Frankly, I've had very little real graphic inspiration or desire lately (probably due, in part, to shit like the previous entry), which makes it harder to work on the project anyway.

Well, it was a neat idea while it lasted.

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