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Good News Almost All Around

News One: I got a Xmas card from hazeleyedgal_25 this weekend...thank you darlin'!

News Two: alicynx contacted me today...which I am infinitely happy about, because I was getting quite worried about her. Just stay cool, Alicyn, and remember what i told you...and I'm still here for ya.

News Three: caliban's car died...again. In honor of this 'joyous occasion', I'd like to offer this poetic salute to the driver...

The automotive Midas Touch
Which turns not cars to gold;
It leaves the hoses blown apart,
And passengers left in the cold.

Wiring which sizzles and separates,
Trannies caught on fire,
Thankfully, no car with you at the wheel
Has sunk into a mire...

01flux, you are my friend,
And a special one, by far,
So do not take this as critical,
But, Steph? Don't touch my car.

01flux is hereby dubbed an official 'Automotive Gremlin'. I'll start working on the ID card immediately.

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