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Wanted to share a comment made to afrodite79. The subject being a post in anti_porn about guys finding sex too important, and enjoying porn (aren't they all?). My response:

"It really is sad what a taboo has been placed on sexual pleasure. It's caused such a rift between the genders (as if it wasn't wide enough). Sad also that humanity seems to relate those that enjoy sex to "sluts" or "whores"...but those that don't as "frigid" or "prudes" (the classic 'double-edged sword' as Ally Sheedy would say).

Fuck 'em. I say enjoy sex. Your body is here to be enjoyed...why hold back (within common sense boundaries of safety, of course)? Learn to sate ALL your senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch, and intellectual stimulation. If that means you appreciate some pornography, then go for it.

Enjoyment is not a sin, only overindulgence."

Words to live by.

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