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Bad Movie Gathering

OK, it's that time again. Yes, we were gonna do this last weekend, but that just didn't happen...bad planning. So this is the official announcement for the one true Bad Movie Gathering.

Saturday. the 28th, my place. 5pm is the approximate time, but showing up earlier is perfectly fine, since my social calendar is quite open. The only movies presently on the marquee for the night are "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" (I promise, delilahbowie, it's not scary), and "Revival" (which is only two minutes long but IS sort of scary)...yes, that's the film short I was in, so if you want to see it, consider this it's official début. More might happen, if people want...it's not like I don't have a few. ;)

Feel free to bring a bottle of your favourite beverage to share. I'll be making White Trash Chip Killer, as usual, because you just can't go wrong with WTCK. Anything else you feel like schlepping along is completely up to you.

Anyone is invited to attend, the more the merrier!

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