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Help Draven

As you may have noticed (depending on how much of my drivel you actually read), I mentioned that dravengodvamp was in the clink.

So, further details. Seems that when he left Texas and came to Washington, he got permission to do so from his PO, and somewhere that permission got revoked as his PO was changed, and he didn't know. Since he was now out of state without permission, that made him a parole jumper, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

So, the other night, he got pulled over for his license plate light being burned out,and one thing led to another led to the jail. It looks like, if
things get going fast enough, it may all get cleared up, but we don't know yet. It looks like all he really has left is something like 80 hours of community service and about $600, assuming he can get out of jail. If this isn't pounced on fast enough, though, the worst case scenario is 10 years on the inside...and that is simply NOT COOL. Especially not with a newborn.

So, do me a favour, eh? If you knew him, take five minutes, and write him a letter. The support would be really great...I know he could use it.

Douglas Shiflet
SO# 78581 C4A
3602 cr45
Angleton, Tx 77515

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