God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Saturday Morning?!?

Awakened at 7:30am by some jackass honking his horn, in 3 beep combos, for 10 minutes straight. Dunno why...but if I didn't have a warm, sexy body to snuggle up to, I'd have gone to beat his head in. Thankfully, some priorities come first.

Awakened again at 8:45 by some new jackass in a pickup, parked outside my window and revving his engine...also dunno why, but gave up trying to sleep.

Opted to give Kill Switch a shot today. Not bad...not amazing yet, but has potential. If nothing else, it promotes good use of cover, and firing out of crouch cover is realistic (this probably means nothing to most of you), Visually, it's a little bare sometimes, it could use some extra texture...and odd that the play resolution goes no higher than 1024...

Anyway, must get some cleaning done a couple errands run. Gotta prepare for people tonight...looking forward to hanging out with everyone tonight! If you need an address or directions, mail me.

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