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Too Much Rock

HA! There is no such thing.

So, I gotta say, we had a fuckin' blast. Stovokor, of course, put on a great show (like always), and we rocked nice and hard and loud. For Erik, though, that was only part of the experience. After all, not only was this his first metal show, this was his first concert, period. We had front row seats, so a great in-your-face view of the audio assault. On top of that, not only did he get his very own Tribble and several Klingon action figures, he got pictures with strangewink. And, just to top it all off, they were giving away a bunch of cardboard stand-ups of characters from 'Star Trek: Next Generation', and at the height of "Machines of War", Bill grabbed one of the Data stand-ups and tore the head off with his teeth...and we recovered the severed head of Data and had the whole band autograph it. What better souvenir, eh?

Throwin' the horns

Fists of fury

Honorary Klingon and crew member of the Stovokor

Other pictures from the show can be found here. I couldn't seem to get a good shot of Merlin, though...he was just rockin' too hard to focus on; at least, to someone of my limited photographic skills. ;)

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